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How to invite a lot of people at once?

You'll need to install a little mod to your forum. A German developer made a very handy plugin to display the email addresses of all your forum members.

phpBB 3.0.1 - CSV (from Excel, Outlook,...)

phpBB 3.0.1 (or higher)

If you have a forum running for your club or organisation, and you want to invite all your members, the following steps are required:

- Go to (or use the English version, provided by Google Translate)

- Download the ACP User Email List files (located at the left side of the page)

- Unzip, and upload them in the right folders

- Log in to your administration panel

- Click the System tab

- Click on the Add module button at the bottom of the page and choose User-Mailaddys [acp_displaymails]

Add module

- Enable the module

- You'll now have an extra tab in your administration panel, where you can copy the email addresse per group.

- Copy them, and paste them in the field!

CSV-list (from Outlook or Excel)

Perhaps you have an addressbook in your Outlook, or mailprogram or in an Excel-spreadsheet. You can easily import those emailaddresses in your guestlist.

- Save your contacts as a .csv (in Excel: save as, CSV)

- Open the csv-file with your favourite text-editor

- Copy everything

- Paste it in the big field, the emailaddresses will automatically be selected and added to your guestlist

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