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How to manage your guestlist?


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Register - Organize an event - Send the invitations - Manage your guestlist


0 - Register



Click the register button on top of the site


Registration form

Fill in the registration form


registration e-mail

You'll receive a confirmation e-mail with you password. Without this e-mail, you'll not be able to log in


Log in

Log in at inviteme



1 - Organize an event

Organize an event

After login in, you'll see the screen above. Click on "Organize an event"


Organize an event

This page has a lot to tell.
Take a good look at all the options. You can still edit your event, untill you sent the invitation to your guests
When you're done, click the "Create" button



2 - Send the invitations


After you've created your event, you'll see it listed in the Organize-panel


Add guests

In the Organize-panel, click the "Add guest"-button


Add guests

You can add 10 people at once. The invitations will be sent later, when you've added all your guests.
Fill in their names, e-mails, and language. If you didn't select the "Come alone"-option, you'll be able to invite their kids too.

Back in your organization panel, you'll see some icons were added. We'll be back later.


Send the invitations to your guests

Click the evenlope to send the invitations


Send the invitations to your guests

Choose a template from the list, and if you want to send the invitation with your or our e-mail address as sender



3 - Manage your guests


Organization panel

The icons explained.

Click the "Manage guestlist"-icon


Manage guestlist
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