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Some minor bugs were solved.

[2016-06-22 10:32:21]


We fixed some tiny bugs concerning the place of an event.

[2015-07-22 13:04:20]


Some minor bugfixes were made

[2012-09-20 10:41:33]


InviteMe got some minor changes.
- Share your eventpage now on Hyves
- Design changed slightly.

[2012-04-10 17:23:51]


InviteMe has been updated. Underneath you'll find the full changelog
- Some little mistakes were cleared
- Formvalidation is now more severe
- Validation of the forms is now simple and clear
- Every single invitation template can be seen in larger format
- Adding of eventdetails now also available for Outlook 2010 and Google Calendar
- USA was added to the country-list
- Upgraded Admin-section
If you have any hints, or encounter an error, we'd love to hear from you!

[2011-08-04 16:41:21]


InviteMe, the free online guestlist manager got a new, redesigned homepage!

[2011-06-01 14:18:57]


We just corrected some language-mistakes and got rid of the problem not being able to add an address for your event.

[2011-04-23 18:12:52]


Some nice upgrades, thanks to some tips from an organisation:
- Possible to add a long list of e-mailaddresses from phpBB and from a CSV-file (example: Excel, Outlook,...)
- FAQ added! Click on faq if you have questions or if you don't know how to do something.

[2011-01-12 16:18:34]


New function! You can now be notified when a guest answers your invitation.
- Errors cleaned
- Better performance
- Get an email when a guest answers

[2010-11-30 21:29:47]

New invitation design

A new design for your invitations has been added: Airmail. Go check it out!

[2010-11-15 16:51:12]

Cosmetic changes

InviteMe got some cosmetic changes to make it easier for you!

[2010-10-19 20:31:05]


Some little improvements were made.
- Friendly printlist is more friendly
- Order your guestlist as you wish
- Share a public event on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
- Select a public place from a list (beta)

If you want to request a new feature, don't hesitate and contact us!

[2010-09-27 19:51:15]


The invitations are finding their way in the e-mail trafic. InviteMe is growing slowely, but surely!
Some new functions were added. But the most important is that some annoying errors were solved!
- You can delete guests from your guestlist
- New invitation mail template added: 'old paper';
- Automatic reminder mail is fixed.

[2010-09-20 19:18:21]


We've added some nice new functions!
- Everyone can contact you without seeing your emailaddress (if you want to!)
- People can invite themselves by visiting the detail-page of your event
- You'll able to send the invitations with your emailaddress as sender!
- Some minor tweaks and improvements

[2010-09-10 20:47:10]


We made some improvements to make the invite-process a bit more clear.
Some errors were also discovered and solved.
And the problems with Internet Explorer 8 are solved.

[2010-09-07 23:17:54]


We've added a new language: French!
- Language French added!
- New invitation template added: 'Beer'
- Minor errors solved and little improvements made

[2010-08-29 20:01:38]


One of the most common questions from our beta-testers was to be able to personalise the invitation. We made a first step; you can choose your own design! Other improvements are listed below.
- Share on Twitter button
- Usefull links-section added
- Personalise your invitations with one of the designs
- Some minor tweaks and improvements

[2010-08-23 17:22:18]


We've updated InviteMe to give you a better useability.
- Guests can now add a comment to their confirmation
- Better useability
- Minor mistakes solved
- Registrations are open! Invitations and reminders will now really be sent.

By the way: beta-testers: thanks for your ideas, keep them comming.

[2010-08-19 14:26:42]


Some errors and mistyped words were cleaned and solved.
- Select dates in a calendar
- Edit-event-page working
- Single quotes are allowed in events
- Modifications to the menu
- Some random errors solved
Thanks, beta-testers! Keep finding errors.

[2010-08-03 16:11:00]


The first Beta release is online! There are probably a lot of mistakes, errors and mistyped words and sentences in InviteMe. If you see any error, please contact us to make this a better site.

[2010-07-30 16:18:39]

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